FitAssist and Virtual Fitness Training

We understand how despite today's renewed "gym culture", a growing number of individuals would rather do things from home vs in public. Don't believe us? Check out the steady decline in sales at movie theaters and shopping malls over the last 5 years.

Our Training Styles are an easy to use, modern approach to the physical fitness journey. We partner rigorous physical training with easy to use technology, to help our students maintain regular accountability to their Fitness Goals.

Chaos Wranglers: Podcast - Blog

For anyone interested in getting to know Intuitive Roots on a deeper level we produce Chaos Wranglers to provide visibility on our progress as individuals.

By documenting the process of achieving our own goals, we hope to provide transparency and assurance to our students, that we do understand the journey when striving for any goal.

Our intent isn't to gain influence or tell our audience what to do, but instead

learn from one another by discussing experiences that shake us to the core and sharing ideas that shock our minds like lightning and grow like a weed.


Intuitive Roots was founded by Benjamin Fineman and Noah Griego in 2016. 

Having built a solid friendship on the East Coast, Benn and Noah allied their unique professional experiences to build a company that reflects their shared knowledge and vision. Using their skills in:

  • Personal fitness training & corporate wellness for Benn

  • Information security & technical operations management for Noah

Intuitive Roots is their attempt to meld personal experience with professional skills, to rise above the unending corporate shit storm.

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