Was respecting ourselves by being honest about the efforts and progress we were seeing.

Almost as important as the respect was the courage to say "No" when any of us felt it had to be said.

The biggest takeaway we would like people to have from training and collaborating with Intuitive Roots is that we never made them feel like our priority was a business metric or covering our own asses for profit. Our goal is for everyone we train and interact with to become their best selves and feel supported along the way.

Benn Fineman
Founder,  Head Trainer


He studied Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University and practiced several years of a more traditional, grind approach to fitness. Benn has also continually increased his knowledge and expertise through earning several difficult certifications throughout his professional development. A full list of his professional credentials can be found here.

In addition to his knowledge gained in the classroom and honed in corporate fitness training, Benn also earned a strong understanding of what the body is capable of by continually pursuing his passions of snowboarding and outdoor recreation.

Whatever the activity, Benn set goals to achieve and pushed to become better. With these achievements came 
injuries and humbling lessons. This is where Benn's ability to identify harmful movement patterns, and how to fix them, was and is still put to use. By personally benefiting from the techniques learned in the classroom and workplace, Benn exemplifies his belief about the impacts of improved physical fitness and clarity of purpose.

Today, Benn uses Intuitive Roots as a way to blur the lines between personal and professional growth; with the goal of training those who also value the challenge of hushing the voice inside each of us saying, "I can't."

Noah Griego
IR Tech, Chaos Wranglers


The clown is finally taking a stab at putting what he knows to his own use.

Coming from a very diverse background, Noah was privy to many different perspectives and topics of great conviction. Being exposed early in life to an orchestra of conflicting 'truths', the next logical step was for Noah to drop out of college and spend 4.5 years in New York City.

Having set out to further his poetry, Noah developed into a white-hat hacker and Assistant VP of an Information Security consulting firm on Wall Street. After a lot of risks, highs / lows, and ultimately a road trip back to California with his fiancée, Noah's experiences have led him to 

co-founding Intuitive Roots and hosting Chaos Wranglers.

"I'm really interested in doing this podcast to have conversations which provide a new perspective about how guests are managing their own goals and the frame of mind it takes to do so on a daily basis; so listeners might be inspired to get out of their own comfort zones and be their awesome selves." -Noah


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