Here, you can check out blog posts and podcast episodes with guests from all different walks of life; each on having found a way to Build the Body, Grow the Mind, Pursue Passions, or manage to balance all three.

While yes the primary goal of Intuitive Roots is to help others with their Fitness Goals, we believe to really connect with those we train, it is crucial that we are transparent about our own journey in becoming our best selves. The podcast and blog are great tools for achieving this transparency, so check back regularly for updates!


Here readers can view posts from Noah about 3 topics in particular:

  • 'Chasing the Gunny' - His own personal Fitness Goal journey toward besting his former Marine Corps father #buildthebody

  • 'WHM Instructor Journey' - His progress toward becoming a Wim Hof Method Instructor #growthemind

  • 'Alchemy Flow' - A creative outlet consisting of original music, visual art, poetry. #pursueyourpassions

The idea is by posting on a regular basis, Noah is able to create a record to assist with remaining accountable to the process of continual self improvement, while also providing transparency to those who are motivated by his story.


Listen to extraordinary, regular people just like you, discuss what 'clicked' for them to realize they needed to do more for themselves in a big way.

Whether the epiphany came through building their body, growing their mind, or pursuing their passions, the aim is to inspire listeners to take control of their own stories, by hearing others like themselves talk about the struggles and triumphs of working toward a goal.

Our intent isn't to gain influence or tell our audience what to do, but instead learn from one another by discussing experiences that shake us to the core and sharing ideas that zap our minds like lightning and grow like a weed.


If you're interested in joining us for an episode use the button below to take the first step toward making your episode a reality!


You don't have to be local to join us! We use Google Hangout to record the audio, so it's just like a normal phone call. When we record, all we ask is you reserve 30-45 minutes in a quiet location with minimal interruptions AND headphones/mic are a must.


If you're interested in seeing why we produce Chaos Wranglers, check out some of our goals by clicking here.


We strongly believe in accountability and transparency (thanks Scrum), so by establishing these goals publicly the aim is to receive scrutiny not found in a typical motivational strategy/approach.


Check back often for updates!

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