• Receive real-time instruction from a Fitness Guide who understands the struggle of achieving Fitness Goals

  • Meet twice a week for 8 weeks from OCTOBER 1 to NOVEMBER 26

  • Train @ home using a desktop or mobile device and a series of
    body-weight exercises


  1. Decide your Fitness Goals are worth it

  2. Choose an IR Fitness Course & sign up

  3. Train hard twice a week for 8 weeks, review progress every class, support others

  4. Keep Building the Body!

If you think we can help you achieve your Fitness Goals, use the options below to get started choosing the IR Fitness Course for you.

These courses are designed to help students with aspects of training that often times go overlooked, such as understanding how the body moves, as well as, why it is vital to be consistent with a routine in order to reach any Fitness Goal. In addition, students are lead through body-weight exercises to increase mobility, agility, and core strength.

Using tested and effective equipment like the kettlebell, steel mace, and suspension belts, students can build strength that will make every day movement effortless and swift. These courses are designed to increase what we like to describe as 'functional strength' and stamina - using a minimal amount of equipment.

Blending professional know-how and personal experiences, Intuitive Roots strives to be more than a traditional “blood and sweat” training solution. We place an emphasis on balancing time spent training, with actually enjoying the everyday life impacts of improved fitness, clarity of purpose, and the ability to quiet the voice telling each of us, “I can’t.”

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