Q: How is Intuitive Roots going to help me?

A: We’re honestly not sure how we will ultimately impact you. In putting our fitness courses up for sale, we are putting forward the expertise and dedication of individuals committed to helping others realize their fitness goals.


With Chaos Wranglers, our intent is to put out an honest, real time display of what is working for us and others, as individuals to manage the craziness of the world.

Q: How will I know if Virtual Fitness Training is worth my time and money?

A: We keep a focus on being transparent about progress toward your established Fitness Goals. As difficult as it may be to believe in today’s day and age, we have turned down opportunities to train others because we didn’t believe it was a good match.

A good match for us is based on a number of things including:

  • Personal dynamic. You may not like your trainer or agree with our approach to the fitness journey.

  • The results of a course and your willingness to participate.

  • Your effort in reciprocating honesty and accountability.


Each course has time allotted to address any concerns or questions you might have with your training progress, so there are ample opportunities to keep communication lines clear and expectations grounded in reality.

Q: What if I miss a class?

A: All of our classes (except for Discipline Burn) offer a video library of all exercises performed throughout the 8 week class. These instructional videos are posted in the virtual classroom and are also available in a private YouTube playlist; these videos merely serve as an emergency reference and are not intended to be a replacement for live training.

Q: How does Virtual Fitness Training work?

A: Each student follows these basic steps from sign-up to the final Class Session:

  1. Sign up to an IR Fitness Course

  2. Receive the VFT On-Boarding email and follow its instructions (set-up is less than 20 minutes on average)

  • IR Fitness Training Waiver​ Liability Form (2-3 minutes)

  • IR Fitness Journal Set Up; Basic Info, Medical History, Fitness Training History, Fitness Goals

  • Trello Sign Up and VFT Classroom

   3. Every Class Session, a Fitness Guide will enable the Live Video Feed for students to join and follow along as the
       Class Session is taught for that day

   4. At the end of each Class Session, there will be a Live Q&A, as well as an IR Fit Journaling time to track your progress.

Q: What are the key components of VFT?

A: The central feature of VFT is a dedicated VFT Classroom (Trello board) that organizes the:

Q: How do I get tech support if something isn’t working?

A: If you need assistance, look for anywhere that says 'IR Tech Help' or 'Click Here For IR Tech Support'. These hyperlinks open a form that helps IR Tech resolve your issue as quickly as possible. You can also click the 'IR Tech Help' link in the footer below (under 'COMPANY').

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