"Snowboarding is easily my number one passion on this planet, and unfortunately the number one cause of the injuries I sustain throughout the year.


This has never stopped me from pushing hard at this endeavor though, as I've kept on with the pursuit of this passion since age 16. Each year I try to fine-tune all of my current tricks, and learn a few new ones, as I continue to push my boundaries and conquer my fears.


I am scared to death every time I drop in on a big rail or jump, but overcoming that fear is one of the main reasons I keep coming back for more."

-Benn Fineman


Joshua Tree - Slab Fun 1

A quick climb on the last day of bouldering in Joshua Tree with Benn, Casey and Helena.

Joshua Tree - Slab Fun 2

A quick climb on the last day of bouldering in Joshua Tree with Benn, Casey and Helena.


Before Intuitive Roots was even founded, Benn and Noah found common ground in their obsession of becoming stronger rock climbers. To this day they both continue to nurture their rock climbing passion both indoors at the gym and outdoors in nature.




"I like to push hard at all of my active pursuits like climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and training, but it's sometimes nice to take a more relaxing approach and find adventure in other ways. Exploration and experience is at the heart of everything I do. This was some snorkeling footage from a 2017 trip to Jamaica."

-Benn Fineman


"Art and music are outlets I use daily to help me clear my head and allow me to reset the tedium of the day. A large part of my creative process recently, is not getting caught up in the final product, but instead remaining in the moment and allowing for 'mistakes' in search of flow. "

-Noah Griego

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