Vacuum Rake - Carpet Garden

July 2, 2017


The summer of 2015 was full of unemployment and figuring out where my next career stop was going to be and what it was going to look like. During this time, I had the luxury of living like a true Orange County housewife; waking up early, doing yoga, tidying up, orchestrating go-nowhere ideas and talking about them to myself in the mirror. The usual...


Alright maybe I was a little harsh on the Orange County housewife, they are on the toob after all.

Anyway, during my brief foray into the wonderful world of, "stay-at-homing" I decided to figure out a way that would make the weekly chore of vacuuming an approachable routine. I had recently stumbled on a method that encourages small continual improvements to accomplish a bigger goal or change. To be transparent, I find the idea of performing repetitive tasks restrictive to anyone's ability at seizing opportunities as they present themselves (BIG WORDS OOOh). That being said, I also understand it's impossible to get away from the "every-day". Still doesn't prevent me from trying to make shit palatable...


So what's this go-to method called?


Originally developed to meet the production demands of WWII (more on that in a later post), Kaizen has since been applied in a number of different ways; from the renowned Toyota Production System, to a book by Anthony Robbins titled, One Small Step Can Change Your Life.

With the new approach in mind I started to tackle vacuuming a little differently.

Before beginning, I would imagine the apartment floor and our furniture to be like a Japanese Zen garden; where the carpet was like sand I could rake with my vacuum, while the furniture provided the objects for me to flow around.


Granted after two weeks of this I was on the verge of hiring a maid, but I stuck with it. Before too long, I wasn't looking at vacuuming as a chore, but as a time when nothing else could interrupt me or distract me. I certainly began to see the new routine as a bit of a meditation, while doubly maintaining the state of the home.


Once I was back to full time employment, the new vacuuming epiphany didn't revolutionize my entire life perspective and change everything about me overnight.


But at the same time, that was never the point anyway. Was it?

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