Putting It All Together

June 26, 2017


How original, right? Another fitness solution company that is positioning itself as the end all to individual human suffering and complacency.


We wish! Ha.


Back when Benn and I first met in Central Park NYC, each of us had just embarked on a personal journey after leaving the comfortable confines of our respective hometowns; PA for Benn, CA for Noah. While working on a bouldering traverse in Central Park (Rat Rock for those who know it), we had immediately identified in each other, a passion for confronting challenges that not only take the strength to challenge gravity, but also require an intelligent and methodical approach. How's about that for a piece of marketing, eh?


After several years on the East Coast, I relocated back to the West Coast. Benn and I were optimistic about our future as friends, but never did we envision ourselves as bumbling around enough together, to end up where we are today...


A major component of Benn's and my ability to develop Intuitive Roots together, was respecting each other enough to be honest with our progress and each other's efforts. Almost as important as the respect and honesty was the willingness to say, "No." when one of us felt it mattered most.


The biggest takeaway we would like people to have from training with Intuitive Roots, would be that we never made them feel like we prioritized a profit margin or any other business metric over treating them like a person who trusted themselves enough to ask us for help. If we are able to achieve that, we can be just that much closer to the end of human suffering and complacency.



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