#1 & #2 - The Early Days

April 9, 2018

Whenever a goal is set, it's important to take stock of what you're starting with.
The idea of this podcast has been kicked around between Benn and Noah since the founding of Intuitive Roots. However, in typical fashion, it was just another pipe dream.
No more.
The intent of Chaos Wranglers is not to be listened to by more and more supporters, but rather to listen to the experiences shared by our guests and pulling on the threads of Truth that have provided each of us with some sense of purpose toward our goals.
However listeners want to receive Chaos Wranglers is okay by us. With the introduction of Tyler to the fold as a co-host and fellow cold hacker, our focus is not to increase our downloads (influence), but instead to improve ourselves by accomplishing these few things:
  • 50 episodes before NYE, 2018; improve the quality of recording and hosting
  • Become better alchemists of criticism
  • Push cold breathing limits further for Tyler and Noah; Noah is training to be a WHM Instructor


This post takes care of two episodes AND a benchmark for what could immediately be improved upon in the recording process of Chaos Wranglers. Check out episodes #1 and #2 below!

'#1 - The Cold Truth w Tyler Bohlmann'

In this episode, Noah and Tyler discuss their experiences with taking cold showers (separately for now), the Wim Hof Method's science, and how to take their experience to the next level.


Listen Here


Episode Highlights / Resources:

Wim Hof Social Media

Scientific References:

'#2 - LA Lifers w Tyler B and Chuckie Rivas'

In this episode, Noah, Tyler, and Chuckie all take a stab at using one microphone and an excessive amount of beers, to record an episode that breaks down what it means to have full body tattoos, the idea of recreating your identity even with permanent body art, and also how the perception of yourself can affect the way others interact with you.

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Episode Highlights / Resources:

Chuckie Social Media

  • Instagram: @king.chucks