Train from home using your desktop, tablet or mobile, and any of the Virtual Fitness Training (VFT) Courses listed below.

Each course runs for 8 weeks, during which students are provided with live training instruction and additional features to achieve their Fitness Goals; all without having to deal with the hassles of a gym (no more judgement from sweaty strangers).


These fitness courses focus on helping students with aspects of training that often times go overlooked, such as understanding how the body moves and why it is vital to be consistent with a routine in order to reach any Fitness Goal.

Fair warning though, consistency and routine do not equate to boring!

All IR Fundamentals Courses use bodyweight exercises to improve a student's mobility, however, certain courses also compliment these exercises by using a bosu ball, yoga ball, or resistance band, in order to establish a strong foundation so students can safely perform more complex exercises and activities.


These courses are suggested for first fitness timers or those looking to restart a physical fitness program, but are sick of the wild-wild west aspects of a gym. 

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Building strength can create images of protein shakes/powders, hours of weight lifting in the gym, and other stereotypical 'swolt' attributes. Not with IR Strength Courses. Instead, we believe in working hard and simple.

Using tested and effective equipment like the kettlebell, steel mace, and TRX suspension trainer, students can build strength that will make every day movement effortless and swift.

We do not believe in the idea that it takes a fully equipped gym to train for full body strength. Instead we have minds dedicated to using their imagination, focus, and expertise, to design courses that require only 1 piece of equipment.


This means a low monetary investment from students without sacrificing high impact results to your overall strength and body control.

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